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What Our Clients Say...

"A tremendous experience! I reached out for assistance on a holiday weekend and within hours my problem was fixed... He was cool, calm and professional throughout. An added bonus was that he set up our NEST doorbell on three phones. A truly successful morning!" Mike C

"I highly recommend SJK consulting for all your tech needs. Steve is not only a tech wizard, he is kind, considerate, professional and most dependable. If I had to rate him between 1-10 (10 being the highest), he gets an 11 from me!!" Leila R

"After a very frustrating experience with Optimum (a weeks wait before a repair person could come to the house) we called Steve. He did a fabulous job. He came the next day and in 1 1/2 hours had it all solved. He is not only knowledgeable but also pleasant to be with.  Happy ending to our story." Suzanne H

"We now have some knowledge to make some decisions to maximize our digital life and have our go to tech guy - thanks so much"  Linda H

"Anyone needing any help with their computer/internet, I highly recommend Steven Kohn. . . . We had major issues that he resolved in a diligent and highly knowledgeable manner. Kind, patient and respectful, not to mention trustworthy." Linda C

"He listens to me explain what new things I’d like to do with a device. He patiently shows me, we practice together, and he even writes me concise easy-to-follow directions for each new thing ... I really enjoy working with Steve - and I trust that you will too."  Marie H

"Mr. Kohn is someone comforting to call upon. I found Mr. Kohn knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. If you can imagine an Apple Genius willing to come to your home to professionally fix your technical devise, well then that best describes the services provided by Mr. Kohn."  Ezra B

"I called Steve to help us become a cable free home. He suggested the equipment, installed it and explained, with great patience, how to make the most of it. We are now saving monthly dollars."  Jeffrey W

"Steve took the time to step through the pros and cons of “cutting the cord” with a top notch PowerPoint presentation, and all at our pace of learning. Steve didn’t stop there, he recommended the appropriate technology equipment and the most cost effective options. Then when the equipment arrived, Steve personally got us up and running! Since then Steve has always made himself available for questions."  Sarah T

"Mr. Kohn has an encyclopedic knowledge of the tech field, and he is a good and patient teacher. He says that there is a solution to every problem, and, so far, he’s right."  Lucille U

"Steve has helped us turn our home into a Smart Home. He recommended equipment, helped us install it, and debugs issues when they arise. Always prompt, helpful, courteous and respectful. Thanks Steve!"  Doug W

"Steve's hardware skills are impeccable coupled with the ability to run through the set up procedures with minimum ... instructions. Great to have a reliable, knowledgeable service provider close by to handle technical problems."  Kathy B

"... The printer is working!  You were a big help to me ... I have already told others ... how satisfied I was with your service ... I will surely call in on you again should any problems arise."  Peg W

"Steve fixed the 160 automatic updates my computer had blocked. He doubled the memory. I gave him my wish list of configurations & what I needed, he did it all. He is very professional, knowledgeable and patient. He periodically followed up to make sure all the issues were resolved & no new ones had occurred. Steve makes it a stress free process."  Ginny K 


Wharton / Rockaway NJ