Protect Yourself and Your Data from Cyber Crime

These steps will help you mitigate the risks we take by having a digital presence. Businesses and individuals can protect themselves by following these recommendations:


  • Use strong and UNIQUE passwords.

  • Change your passwords often.

  • Use an encrypted password manager (not paper, and not an unencrypted online file)

  • Turn on two-factor authentication for your online accounts.

  • Lock down your social media profile sharing settings to limit the visibility of personal data.


  • Update your devices, software and applications are updated and keep them updated.

  • Make sure you have current virus/malware protections.

  • Back up your data (photos, documents, financial records, etc.)


  • Be suspicious of every message, email and phone call from someone you don't know - especially where there is a link or attachment. Verify, when in doubt.

  • Read your statements and sign up for alerts. Check your online accounts regularly for any unauthorized activity.

  • Check your credit reports regularly for any unauthorized activity.

  • Be aware of data breaches, and respond (at least) by changing your password.

If you need help protecting yourself from cyber crime, contact SJK Consulting at 862-234-5646.

Press Release

Personal Tech Concierge Simplifies Life for Seniors

“Imagine a Tech Wizard willing to come to your home to professionally fix your device.”

Did your computer update and now something doesn’t work? Virus on your smartphone? Is your car’s technology a bit overwhelming to understand? Did you buy a new device or program and just cannot for the life of you figure it out? Printer won’t talk to your laptop? These are all common problems that a personal tech concierge can help you solve and improve your tech literacy along the way.

Instead of calling the Geek Squad or dropping hundreds of dollars for an Apple Genius, you can stay home and get a personalized solution fast. Work with a personal tech concierge to address your unique problem in your best learning style and find a solution on your budget. Read more here...

Tech Support Scams

Another neighbor of ours was just a victim of a Tech Support scam. They received a pop-up indicating that their system has a virus, and provided a phone number to call. They called the number and allowed the scammer remote access to their laptop. The scammer then installed software that compromised the machine. Luckily, the neighbor called me while they were still on the phone with the scammer and I was able to give guidance on how to proceed at that moment. Unfortunately, some damage had already been done.

I've recently worked with several clients in our community that have been bilked for thousands of dollars because of scams like this. Please read on to learn more...

If you need help recovering from a PC Tech Support scam, contact SJK Consulting immediately at 862-234-5646.

TV Streaming Guide

For those who are considering "cutting the cord", The Verge put together a really good summary of the top streaming services out there. They discuss:

  • "The Top Eight",

  • Bundle Options,

  • Family Content,

  • Niche,

  • Prestige Film and TV,

  • Sports

TechTalk Online: Cutting The Cord


An Online Interactive Presentation: CUTTING THE CORD

...over the internet, in the safety and privacy of your home

Two sessions are available. The same content will be discussed at each one.

First Session: Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7:00PM

Second Session: Friday, March 27, 2020 at 2:30PM

SJK Consulting will be hosting a free, live, online meeting about how to save money on your cable bill (Cutting the Cord). In this presentation, we'll be sharing information about how you can replace your cable TV with streaming services and even eliminate monthly costs related to your landline phone and your modem. It will be a fully interactive session where you'll be able to listen in, see the presentation slides and you'll be able to interact and ask questions.

First, click here to register.

Then, please review these instructions.

Spring Cleaning

Posted: 3/11/2020

Why should you call us for Spring Cleaning?

We perform inspections to ensure that your device is safe, optimized, and running the way it is supposed to.

How do I know I have problems with my device?

  • Your device is running slowly

  • You have annoying popups or are receiving system alerts

  • You're hearing weird sounds

Where do I need to bring my device?

We come to your home. Call us now - 862-234-5646

Social Security Fraud Scams

Posted: 1/30/2020

Be aware of Social Security fraud scams. - Just. Hang. Up.

TechTalk at Greenbriar

Posted: 7/16/2019

Upcoming TechTalk community forum is planned for Greenbriar at Fox Ridge community.

Cutting the Cord

Had enough of your high cable bill? Here's how you can replace it with streaming services that will be able to give you more bang for your buck.

Here is a high-level presentation that we use when we meet with clients.

And here is a deeper-dive procedure-level document if you are looking for the details.