Technology is all around us. Computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Whether you want to learn how to use email, browse the internet, make video calls, buy gifts or other items online, play games or share and view photos with friends and family, it’s easier than you think.

Personal Tech Coaching

Learn How to Use Your Electronics - We help you become more "computer-savvy" by providing you personalized, hands-on help that gets you up to speed in no time with:

  • Phones, Computers, Tablets, Software, Smart TVs

  • Learn Zoom / other video calling software

  • Navigate the Internet

  • Stream Movies and Music

  • Online Shopping

  • Pay Bills Online / Banking

  • Refill Prescriptions Online

  • Take and Share Photos

  • ​Email and Text

  • Safe Password Practices

  • Facebook and other Social Media